Epik High Is Here — Lesson Zero

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This is “Lesson Zero”, track 1 taken from their new 10th studio album “Epik High Is Here 上” to be released tomorrow.

As Tablo puts it in their “Epik High Is Here” documentary, instead of having a Lesson 6, Tablo says:

“but after all this time, when looking back, instead of all the things I’ve wanted to learn and have learned so far, there is more that I need to unlearn. So like going in reverse. I need to give back some of the things I’ve learned. This is what I’ve been thinking more and more recently.”

Epik High has lessons in their albums starting with their debut album, “Map of the Human Soul”.

Epik High has also made a documentary of their new studio album, “Epik High Is Here”, where they talk about the album and each individual songs.

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