Epik High (에픽하이) — 빈차 (Home Is Far Away) ft. 오혁 of Hyukoh

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The older I get, the more afraid I become.
I’m running but my feet and my heart have forgotten why.
Dreams have become baggage.
My only option is to leave them and keep running.

“Home Is Far Away” is a song that some of us can relate to. It talks about, depending on how you would interpret it, letting go of your dream(s) or things that you once enjoyed doing to meet other (people’s) expectations; and everyone of us is just so disconnected.

Epik High is a hip-hop/rap group from South Korea and it comprises of Tablo, DJ Tukutz and Mithra Jin. I started listening to Epik High because of Tablo, where he was in a KBS variety show called “The Return of Superman”, which I used to watch 1.

This song is from their ninth studio album “We’ve Done Something Wonderful” (2017) and it is one out of the two singles from this album with the other one being 연애소설 (Love Story) ft. IU (어이유) 2. At the end of “Home Is Far Away”, you would hear a snippet of 연애소설 (Love Story).

Take a listen to the lyrics (turn on the caption for English) and you’ll understand why. Tablo has taken the effort to transcribe the lyrics to English and added them to this YouTube video. Also, read the comments on this YouTube video on other people’s experiences related to this song.

BONUS #1: Fan-made Music Film Ft. 소네시대 (Girls Generation)

Holgacity, please correct me if I am wrong, is based in Thailand and they are a big fan of Girls Generation. I have to say that the work they have put in to make all these videos are amazing.

For this music film, they have used Epik High’s “Home Is Far Away” as the music. It fits so well because of the struggles the girls have gone through throughout their career as a K-Pop group and also as individuals.

See if you can spot all nine of them. Jessica might be a bit hard to find. Otherwise, click here to find out the hidden details.

BONUS #2: Epik High’s New Album (2021)

Epik High has just announced on their social media that their tenth studio album, “Epik High Is Here” (Part 1) will be released on 18 January, 2021.

Epik High Is Here (Part 1)
Epik High Is Here (Part 1)

The Tablo Podcast

Tablo had a podcast that he did with Dive Studios. Although Tablo has recorded its final episode (#56), all the episodes are still available on the respective podcasts streams (links are available below). Tablo talks about not only music-related topics, but also other interesting, serious and random ones. For example, in episode #16, Tablo shared two late night snack recipes. Well, if listening to all 56 episodes is a bit too much, you can listen to the highlights instead.

More About Epik High


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