Namewee 黄明志 — My Family ft. 5Forty2 & The Real Masta Clan

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“My Family”, is the OST to Namewee’s latest film, “BABI” and it features both 5Forty2 and The Real Masta Clan (previously known as Ashtaka). This song is nominated in Taipei’s Golden Horse Film Festival (2020) in the “Best Original Film Song” category 1. Though, this is not their first collaboration. They have worked together on other Namewee’s songs such as Wake UP!, We Are Gangster and BANGLASIA Gong Xi Fa Cai.

It starts with a children’s song sang in a mystical way giving the listeners an eerie feeling. It is clever how it is used not only to set the mood of the song but also as a way to transition to each of Namewee’s, 5Forty2’s and The Real Masta Clan’s parts.

The song has a very strong message with regards to the education system in Malaysia. I believe the three of them have done well to convey their own perspectives on the matter. To know more about the story behind the song, you can watch The Making of “Happy Family” by Namewee below.

5Forty2 has also recorded a video whereby Phonic, DMent Si Lain and NanaMerah explained the meaning behind each of their parts in the song.

Malaysians will have to find alternative means to watch the film “BABI” as it will not be screened in cinemas in Malaysia as he didn’t apply for it knowing it will not be approved 2. Namewee has also confirmed that this film will not be available on other streaming platforms as well such as Netflix, YouTube, etc.

Namewee is no stranger to controversy from his work and having them banned, not only in Malaysia 3 4. He is a talented singer, song writer, performer, film director, etc. Although there are some who applaud him for speaking on sensitive topics, there are also those who see his effort as a national threat, thus police reports have been lodged 5 6. In true Namewee fashion, he has made a video starting with him having a few sips of beer before calling out on these people.

I conclude this post with Phonic and NanaMerah discussing on this topic in this YouTube video “Sembang Mambang: Namewee Babi #namewee #babi”. It is important that we should not judge a book by its cover without knowing the content.

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