Yoyoka (よよか) and Billy Sheehan with Friends Cover Mr. Big's Take Cover

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Yoyoka (よよか) plays the drums like a pro, and she is only ten years old. Another cool fact is she plays in the band “KaneaiYoyoka”, which comprises of her family members – Yoyoka on drums, her mother on guitar, her father on bass and her brother on vocals 1.

This is one of the latest covers she did (as of this writing) and it features Paulie Z on vocals, Brandon Paul on guitar, and Mr. Big’s very own Billy Sheehan on bass. Billy is one of the greatest bass players and has played in bands such as Mr. Big, The Winery Dogs and Sons of Apollo just to name a few.

“Take Cover” is from Mr. Big’s “Hey Man” album back in 1996. And this album is their last album with Paul Gilbert before his return in the album “What If…” 2.

I bet Pat Torpey, God rest his soul, would be very happy to watch this.

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  1. Yoyoka and her family band, KaneaiYoyoka, in the MV of their original song, Switch on! 

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