ROTTI — Solanin (ソラニン)

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Solanin (ソラニン) is a japanese manga by Inio Asano. In 2010, a live-action film was made with Aoi Miyazaki playing the role of Meiko.

The Synopsis of the story is (Source: IMDb1)

Meiko and Taneda are a couple graduated from university two years ago. Unhappy with their lives, Meiko quits her job and encourages Taneda to have this band become professional. They ultimately fail when their CDs are rejected by the record companies. Realizing he has to return to his menial profession and have failed in his dream, Taneda speeds through a red light on his motorcycle and dies in a traffic accident. After his death, Meiko takes over Taneda’s position in the band to find the meaning of life. After performing a small gig, the plot concludes with Meiko taking up a new job and the other band members returning to their daily regimen.

Taneda’s band is called ROTTI, which he formed with his friends from university, Jiro and Kato. He has always wished to make it big with his band. Solanin was the song he wrote but never got a chance to show it to the world. After Taneda’s passing, Meiko picked up Taneda’s guitar and joined the band. And they played Solanin in their last performance.

The lyrics for Solanin, the song, was written by Inio Asano and the music was composed by Asian Kung-Fu Generation2. The YouTube video above is a live recording of the scene where ROTTI performed ささかな and Solanin. I personally prefer this version of the song Solanin than AKFG’s. When you listen to Aoi Miyazaki sing it, you can somehow feel the message in the song.

English version of the lyrics can be found here.

This is AKFG performing Solanin at Arabaki Rock Fest 2010. It was after watching the video of Meiko and ROTTI performing Solanin at their last gig that got me into AKFG. They are an amazing band and their music is mostly alternative and indie rock. And they have been around since 1996!

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